5 Magical Moments on Cordelia Cruises!

You want to try a Cordelia cruise? Have you ever tried a vacation on the sea? imagine exploring a whole city on a boat, where everything is brought to you on a boat cruise. The comfortable and chilling wind, beautiful and amazing sight to behold. Attending dinner parties are so beautiful but have you imagined having dinner on a boat cruise? It’s indeed a holiday in a serene space, so close to nature.

You should try a cruise holiday on the newly launched Cordelia Cruises, whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, as family, boat cruise is a romantic getaway, Cordelia Cruises offers the best holiday to you.

Here are the 5 magical moments that Cordelia promises to offer you.

1.  Romancing with the Waves

Enjoy the most amazing and beautiful international holiday on your vacation with Cordelia Cruises, you do have to stress yourself on this, all you have to do is relax, smile and allow yourself to enjoy the cool ride. Who doesn’t want to have a feel of a new place in the middle of the ocean. What’s more, you will get to wake up to breathtaking views, experience events like exploring the seas and dining under the stars. You must have loved the Titanic and you have fantasize about your own world it is time to actualize that with Cordelia cruise.

2.  Adventuring on the Sea

Experience your most exciting adventures on Cordelia Cruises by climbing the rock climbing wall, the highest point on the ship, from where you can enjoy stunning views of the sea and also the casino. Be open to male friends, have random conversations with strangers as you battle to win the next jackpot, all in the middle of the sea. Moments in the boat are always fun and soul lifting, you can never get bored on a boat ride.

3.  Create Memories with Your Kids

Children likes adventures, you can bore them in a vacation, travelling with kids you have to make preparations for really exciting places to take them to, like; kids’ jacuzzi and pool, they are going to have a gala time on the ship. Travelling with kids below the age of 12, comes without an extra charges till 31st, July 2021. There is plan to bring more adventurous packages on the ship for kids to feel fulfilled and happy.

4.  Relish the Best of Cuisines

Cordelia has a curated menu designed for the Indian palate. Cordelia’s cruise menu has different international meals and especially the Pan-Asian delicacies. If meats aren’t interested in meats the cruise liner also has meals for vegetarian and Jain food menu at the food court and restaurants on the ship. Do not forget it is an all day provision for your cruise just so no one is unhappy and starved. We are ready to quench your taste buds on a culinary trip of a lifetime.

5.  Rejoicing Some Me Time

Traveling alone with Cordelia Cruises, you will enjoy solo travel without feeling bored or alone. Free to relax at the plush spa, shop a little, or treat yourself to a cake-making or wine-tasting escapade. Get to watch a classic play or a movie on a cruise liner and be very entertained. Also get to catch a show under the blanket of stars, with India’s only theatre under the sky and surrounded by the ocean. This sounds like fun, you should experience it.

So whether you are looking for a short weekend getaway or a long break from work, book a cruise holiday with Cordelia Cruises and enjoy an unparalleled level of luxury that you can enjoy here. Remember it’s a trip on a boat, with romantic dinner settings, a kid’s play section, fun time with family and strangers, a time to network.

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