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How To Build An Impressive Resume As A Fresh graduate

People find it difficult to compose a working resume that can easily be accepted by companies. To get employed in some offices, companies and organizations they expect you to have had some experiences that could help them and also help you. The reason lots of companies request to know your experience is that they do not want to spoon feed you and start teaching you from scratch what they expect you to know.

Most newly graduated students find it difficult to get the job of their choice due to poor presentation of their Resumes, your Resume needs to be well articulated and well structured and you can’t miss out on your job experiences. Though you do not have much experience, presenting that one experience of yours proper could go a long way in securing you a job. This is supposed to guide you on how to go about your application, having in mind what your employer want to see, so you don’t go about with a very long list of printed document without any value.


Lionbridge Technologies Mike Ruggiero recruiter at Lionbridge Technologies stated that for one to have professional references matters in job seeking. It would help the company find out about the individual they intend to employ, understand your personality and your relationship with colleagues. It is important your Resume contains all of that.
References are gotten from your formal employers whom you have worked with in the past. They should be able to tell your new employer good things about you, such as how you are very efficient and productive as an employer.


References can actually come from anyone but you should be wise enough to get your references from people who would say really nice things about you, speak to people who can actually speak well about your abilities, people you trust and people who trust your capacity.

It can be your professors from school, a coach, or a former boss you had during a summer job. ensure that the person you ask actually had a professional type of experience with you and knows you very well.

You should not use any family member or neighbor, you need to be professional.
If you’re uncertain of what kind of references a manager or employer needs, you can ask them directly. For instance having a reference from a former coach would be great if they’re interested in knowing how well you can work with a team.

Ruggiero stated that recruiters prefer applicants who are sports players as they tend to be dedicated and have the ability to stay focused on training. Your employer needs this distance of how you can stay focused at work, produce results and also manage the time allocated to you. Your relationship with your colleagues at your previous office also matters, it enables your employer to understand your personality and how to relate with others; they won’t want someone who is very troublesome and destructive.


Getting a reference depends on the relationship you have with the person you want to ask, if you interact freely with the person in question you can ask that the resume be sent to your phone, or via an email. Ensure that the person knows you and speaks to them about what you need from them do not best around the bush. You can as well tell them how you want your references to be like.

Be respectful about your request and ask them whether they can spare five minutes to vouch that you are applying for a job somewhat and since their company is highly respected in the industry their reference coming from them would go a long way. Ruggiero recommends this strategy as it offers the person a compliment while also respecting their time.

Note this, some of the people you would contact may be busy and may not be able to get back to you immediately, you have to be patient and follow them up and be considerate as you do so. Try this reference method and see how it works out for you and get you that job that you desire.

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