Top Five Places to Visit In Bali

Bali is a beautiful place, if you have ever had something to do in Bali you would always wish to go there a second time. You may wish to explore Indonesia, eat delicious meals, from the multitude of healthy organic cafes to the super cheap Nasi Gorengthe amazing and chilling weather, the scenery, and the friendly people. Their language, how poetic is the sound of their voices when they voice those words.

Bali is not so big of an island and yet many people want to be at Bali, talking about how beasutiful Bali is, to anyone makes them want to have their own memories to share. Australians have Bali as a major holiday destination, they would just assume you would only visit Kuta, the main holiday destination frequented by barely legal Aussies ready to indulge in the super-strong and super-cheap alcohol, and tell you not to bother. There is more to Bali than just a party-town.

Here are the 5 places you must visit in Bali;

1. Ubud Bali

Ubud is actually central and in the highlands, away from the beaches, it is beautiful abd usually the first destination for most tourist and it is wetter than the coast, especially during monsoon season. Ubud is seen as the cultural hub of Bali where you will discover about the art and spirituality of Bali and can learn about Balinese Hinduism through paintings, dance, and other art forms.

It’s alsoa place full of yoga studios, health cafe’s, and spas, you must note that it is a not a town of partying. There are a few nice bars but they are super expensive and attract more of an older expat crowd rather than backpackers. People who come to Ubud are nmostly interested in the culture.

2. Sanur

Sanur is a cool beach very close to the airport and to Kuta, it’s an amazing sight to be around the airport. It’s also the jumping-off point to explore Nusa Lembongan. Sanur mainly attracts the package holiday crowd, as posh hotels line the beach, but my stay here at a hostel called The Big Pineapple was such a highlight.

Sanur beach isn’t the most amazing but surely the coolest place to be when you are around the hotels. The beach is cool, a boat can easily take you out to some nearby reefs. You can take classes at Rip-Curl School of Surf. And also spend time at the reggae bar down the street, watching the live music, and chilled with some beers. Sanur was full of friendly.

3. Nusa Lembongan

This island is off the coast of Bali and many people sometimes neglect to include them in their activities and places to visit while in Bali, but it is really a beautiful island. This is also a famous place with snorkelers, divers, and surfers alike. There are a lot of cheap guesthouses and it is the perfect place to stay for a couple of nights, chill, and explore on a moped, you must be aware of the bumpy roads that urgently need reconstruction but the island itself is so beautiful and quiet. You will the opportunity to view the stunning beaches and coastlines and also do yoga.

4. Kuta

Kuta is extremely beautiful. Great beach for surfing, though has a lot of people coming around which makes the place really crowded. The town is a mixture of market stalls and shopping malls containing the biggest brands, from Zara to Ralph Lauren, it appears so foreign, yet the familiarity of the western style shops and restaurants but yet there is always to tell about their culture.

Kuta is popularly known for its nightlife and also has a bar called Alley Cats, it was kind of grungy and was playing nineties hip-hop, followed by a huge club.

5. The Gili Islands


The Gili’s consist of three islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. Each island is pretty small, with no motorised vehicles – just horse and carriage, so the place is very neat and without any form of pollution in the air.

It’s the biggest of the islands and also known as the ‘party island’. I Gili Trawangan has great hostel Backpackers, lovely pools and bars and with loads of fun. Gili Air is a little smaller and much more chilled. There are loads of lovely, inexpensive restaurants, yoga classes, and a great beach. Gili Air still has some good party nights, but they aren’t every night.

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