Ten World Best Vacation Destinations for Children to Explore 

Having a family, makes you consider a lot of things while making vacation plans. From booking offers to destinations that are children friendly and also hotels with their pleasing offers. You want a destination that will be a happy place for your children and a place to always remember before the next planned vacation. 

For children there are some things in the checklist that are a must for a vacation destination. Necessities like beach, swimming pool, playgrounds, kindergarten with supervisor, babysitter and special programs for children like theater, animation, karaoke, contests, outdoor disco and sports.

We have put together 10 destinations that meet the requirements of a family dream vacation.


There are ten LEGOLAND parks located at Billund, California, Florida, New York, Malaysia, Dubai, Windsor, Japan, Korea and Germany. 

LEGOLAND is the most admired theme park amongst parents and children.  The park is made up of ten (10) zones with different activities set aside to bring fun into the lives of families. 

A day in the park is not enough to explore all the goodies in the place. One new unfolding after another it keeps the imagination of the children and ready for a new adventure. 

The heart of the park is the Miniland. This is a world on its own which is built with 20 million Lego pieces. At the park, children between 7 and 13 years get to flex their adult side through driving. They are taught to drive and if they pass the driving test, a license is issued for a day within the confine of LEGOLAND and they get to live a day as drivers of their own car. 

Disneyland Park, Paris 

Disneyland Park is made up of five incredible lands that gives you an experience of magic and WOW. On Disneyland, you get a company of cartoon characters, pirates and fairies during your journey through the lands. 

The park that is located in Paris has been known to retain its beauty throughout the year. The park comprises of two parks: Parc Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios. There are shopping centers, dining district and entertainment places. 

Holiday Village Rhodes 

Holiday village is a resort located in Greece, on the Kolymbia shoreline about 150 meters from the beach. The place is environmentally suitable and a great definition of luxury, comfort and space in one. 

There are lots of fun activities and animators offer children diverse performances and activities for specific age groups. The resort also have clubs: Kids Club, Teen Club and Swim Academy. A cinema for parents and children is also in the resort and it is called Cinema Holiday Village. It is a place of fun and relaxation for both children, parents and guardians.

Cavallino Bianco

This is a luxurious 4 star hotel great for families and it is located in Italy. It covers every aspect of a trip from feeding, fun activities, sightseeing and even spa treatment.

Children are supervised with qualified staff while parents relax in the spa salon and beauty center. Lino land is located in the hotel for children to play. It is an area of approximately 1250 m and children have lots of exciting activities planned out for them here while being supervised.

Aqua Fantasy

This park is the most famous water park in turkey. It allows a maximum amount of 5000 visitors daily both adults and children.  Children are entertained with slides, wave pools and basins. 

The architectural design is similar to the medieval times with castles, towers and stairs used to jump into the water. Program of games have been put together for children by qualified staffs. A mini club has also been created with a special room for children to showcase their talents, sleeping rooms and playgrounds.

Artist Residence

This is a unique home of art located originally at Brighton. It is a guesthouse with 11 rooms designed and decorated by British artists mainly for tourists. 

If your child has been exhibiting an art trait, then this is a great place to explore. The children are given the opportunity to develop their imaginations and creative side. 

Apart from Brighton, the other locations are London, Oxfordshire, Penzance and Bristol.

White Pod

White Pod is a dream vacation resort located in Switzerland at a private ski area. It has been known as a favorite destination for children. 

White Pod was awarded with World Prize for Sustainable Tourism in 2005 because the original idea of the place presents an unforgettable experience. 

The resort is made up of 15 domes on mountain grasslands and it is a place for adventurous children. White Pod makes room for new challenges and discoveries. Parents and children can ride sleds drawn by dogs to explore the mountains without fear as guides have been placed at strategic positions.

Adventure Suites 

This is one of the most sought after theme hotel in the world for children. The site can be visited by newlyweds, family with children for relaxation.  

The suites has a lot facilities for children’s fun. The hotel apartments were designed specifically with themes and there are a wide range of themes to pick from. 

Fantasy Land Hotel

Situated in Canada, this hotel is built in a classic North American Style of luxury. Fantasy Land can be found inside the world largest indoor amusement park in Galaxy Land inside Edmonton Mall Resort. 

The hotel is a place of fun and relaxation with swimming pool inside a 17 slide water park, Ice Palace for skating. There are playgrounds suitable for all age groups and activities for parents and children to engage in together. 

Millennium Park, Chicago

 If your definition of a vacation spot is green, art or an open space then you should definitely consider Millennium Park. It is located at Michigan Avenue, Randolph Street in Chicago. The park has four important artistic highlights: the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Cloud Gate, the Crown Fountain, and the Lurie Garden. 

There are variety of activities to engage in such as family yoga, bike riding and a reflective Cloud Gate Sculpture for portrait photos.  

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