Price-friendly Countries to Live in 2022

Looking for price-friendly places to live in or visit? then this is for you. When the holiday comes, the next big thing on people’s minds is planning a vacation but most times this thought gets intercepted due to funds for the trip. Our list comprises countries you do not have to break the bank to have fun. 

1. Cambodia

A night at a hotel in Cambodia costs 10 euros and the amount spent on food is way lesser. Cambodia is not just cheap but one of the safest places you can live or visit. 

Cambodia is situated in the southern portion of the Indochinese Peninsula in Southeast Asia. The country is bordered in the northwest by Thailand, north by Laos, east by Vietnam and southwest by the Gulf of Thailand. The country covers an area of 181,034 square kilometres. 

The Capital of the country is Phnom Penh and it is known to be the largest city. The greatest attraction in Cambodia is a temple called Angkor Wat. 

2. Vietnam

Vietnam which is located in the South-eastern part of Asia is very popular for its beauty and a good place to live. Although the country is ppopular, 15-20 euros can serve you for a day with a complete package. 

The country is known for its attractions like beaches and temples.

The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi located in the north and the largest city is located in the south of Ho Chi Minh City which was formerly known as Saigon. In the most expensive city, a couple can live comfortably at $1300 a day.

3. India

India is a tourist a country with a lot of attractions to be seen. The country is capable of emptying your pockets in a day from shopping, lodging in a luxurious hotel and visiting sites in Delhi but away from the expensive cities, a day in India costs not more than 20 euros you may want to live there. 

India is one of the seven largest countries by area and the second-most populous country in the world. India is located in South Asia with New Delhi being the capital.

4. Bolivia 

Bolivia is one of the cheapest countries in South America. The executive capital is La Paz while the constitutional capital is Sucre. 

In Bolivia, the largest cit is Santa Cruz de la Sierra and it is the capital industrial centre. It is located at Llanos Orientales.

You get to see the largest salt pan in the world, Salar de Uyuni which is located in Bolivia and admire the best-preserved colonial alley in the old town Calle Jéan in the heart of La Paz. Bolivia is a beautiful place to live and start a life.

5. Budapest

The capital of Hungary made the list of cheap countries to live in. Budapest which is a country and city is not as cheap as it was before but it is still affordable. 

The country is known for its rich culture, world-famous Ruin-Bars, underground caves,  the mighty Danube River, the gorgeous Parliament building and for being the Spa Capital of the World. It is definitely a place to visit. 

Budapest is the ninth-largest city by population in the European Union and the second-largest city on the Danube River.

6. Honduras

Honduras is located in Central America country. In the North, Caribbean Sea Ccoastlines are situated while the Pacific Ocean is to the South. 

The country is famous for its rich natural resources including minerals, coffee, tropical fruit, and sugar cane. It is also well known for its textile industry. 

Not every part of Honduras is safe to visit so before visiting you can check the current situation of the country or options for a cheap Caribbean paradise.  

7. Bulgaria

Ultra wide night aerial view of downtown district in Sofia, Bulgaria. The scene is situated in downtown district of Sofia, Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) during sunset / dusk / night. The picture is taken with DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone.

The country is a Balkan nation with diverse terrain encompassing the Black Sea coastline, a mountainous interior and rivers, including the Danube. 

The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia dating to the 5th century B.C. The country has a rich heritage of dance, music, costumes, and crafts. It is as beautiful as Spain in the summer but cheaper you may want to live there. 

8. Sri Lanka

Less than 25 euros can fund a dream destination trip to Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia and it lies in the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Bay in Bengal, and southeast of the Arabian sea.

The country is famous for tea and cinnamon. Some top attractions in the country are: Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple, Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Little Adam’s Peak and Marissa Beach.

9. Argentina

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is one of the most exciting cities in the world and it is known for its exciting nightlife the reason people want to live there.

The extravagant lifestyle of Argentina can be experienced with less than 40 euros in a day if you stay away from the nightlife. 

Argentina is well known for its tango dance (you should definitely prepare to dance), giant murals on the street of Buenos Aires, wine and Iguaza Falls. 

10. Greece

Greece is definitely one of the most underrated country for cheap vacation destinations. 

Greece is a country in the south-eastern part of Europe and it is surrounded with thousands of islands through the Aegean and Ionian seas. Greece is well known for it

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