Applying to Work in the UK?

Wondering how to apply to work in the UK, this is for you. Applications can be done online, you can check for the link online though some people will need to visit a visa application centre in order to prove their identity and show necessary documents which includes a certificate of sponsorship from a proposed UK employer, and proof of knowledge of English. English proficiency is very important for most  Uk applications, you would have to get one if you do not.

To qualify for a visa, migrant workers who want to move to the UK will have to qualify for 70 points.

Having a job offer from an approved employer for a skilled job and being able to speak English will give 50 points.

The applicant can achieve the remaining 20 points if they are due to be paid at least £25,600 a year.

They can also gain extra points for having better qualifications (10 points for a relevant PhD, or 20 points for a PhD in science, technology, engineering or maths) or an offer of a job in which the UK has a shortage (20 points), even if it doesn’t pay as much money.

Certain jobs in health or education still merit 20 points even if the salary is less than £25,600. The applicant must be paid at least £20,480, and in line with set amounts for particular jobs in the UK’s four nations.

How much will it cost?

This depends on how many years you plan to work in the UK, and whether your job or skills are required, if there are no shortages it would be difficult to secure a job.

If your skill is not on that list then the standard fee will be between £610 and £1,408 per person.

Jobseekers will also have to pay a health surcharge of £624 per person per year when they apply – that money is refunded if they don’t get a visa.

And they will need to show that they have the means to support themselves in the UK, which usually involves having a total of at least £1,270 available. 

Education and health

There are more chances for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, Health professionals who are eligible for this visa will pay reduced fees and will be supported through the application process. Successful applicants will be exempt from the immigration health surcharge.  Applicants via this route will still have to meet salary thresholds depending on the type of work they do.

Many care workers will not be covered by the scheme though, the point is sometimes your profession specially when you are trying to secure a job in the UK.

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