Is Germany Safe to Visit?

Germany attracts a large number of tourists who are drawn to its diverse attractions. In 2019, around 40 million visitors explored the cosmopolitan charms of Berlin, engaged in business activities in bustling cities like Frankfurt or Hamburg, and immersed themselves in the rich history of Munich.

Beyond the major cities, Germany boasts stunning natural landscapes, stretching from the Baltic Coast to the Black Forest, along with picturesque small towns. Traveling through the country offers the opportunity to admire magnificent castles that represent various periods of European history.

Given the country’s abundant offerings, it’s no surprise that Germany welcomes numerous visitors each year. However, if you’re planning to join them, you might be curious about any potential downsides to be aware of or whether the trip lives up to its reputation.

Rest assured, our travel experts have conducted thorough research on your behalf. We will provide insights into the safety of visiting Germany, tips to address common safety concerns, and serve as your trustworthy guide throughout your journey.

The country is widely regarded as a very safe country to visit. While some countries issue travel advisories cautioning their citizens about potential threats of terrorism, the probability of experiencing such an incident during your visit to Germany is exceedingly low.

Is Germany Safe to travel?

In reality, the most common issues that tourists may encounter are relatively minor, including petty theft and scams. While some countries advise their citizens to exercise a high degree of caution in the country due to the possibility of terrorism, the actual number of terrorist incidents occurring in the country is quite low.

It is important to note that countries issue such warnings to ensure comprehensive coverage in their travel advisories. Nevertheless, Germany ranks among the safest countries globally, holding the 16th position on the 2022 Global Peace Index.

Interestingly, this ranking places Germany ahead of many countries that issue travel advisories for their citizens. For example, Australia ranks 27th on the index, while the United States falls behind at a considerably lower position of 129, trailing countries like Egypt and Azerbaijan.

While international travel advisories primarily highlight the threat of terrorism, it is important to be aware that petty crime poses a more likely concern for tourists visiting the country.

Like any other crowded tourist destinations worldwide, popular locations in Germany can attract bag snatchers and pickpockets. It is essential to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect your belongings.

It is worth noting that German cities, like any large urban areas, are not exempt from incidents of violent crime. As with any major city, there are certain areas that may be less safe, particularly during nighttime hours. It is advisable to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings when exploring unfamiliar parts of the cities.

By staying alert and taking basic safety measures, visitors can mitigate the risks associated with petty crime and enjoy a safer experience while exploring the diverse attractions Germany has to offer.

To summarize, visitors to Germany may have concerns related to:

  1. Terrorism
  2. Hate crimes
  3. Petty theft
  4. Assault

However, it is important to note that Germany has a relatively low crime rate, particularly when compared to countries like the United States. The majority of tourists who visit Germany have overwhelmingly positive experiences and create lasting memories of their trip.