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How to perform Janaba Bath in Islam (2 Easy steps)

You may be wondering what a Janaba bath is and how to perform it? Janaba is an Islamic ritual to cleanse impurity caused by the discharge of male excreta, people actually do this after having sexual intercourse. This process is sacred and religious according to the Quran.

Two things could warrant a person into having the bath, when there is a discharge of sеmеn you have to bath, whether it was intentional or not and you must be aware of when you ejaculated and if you aren’t sure, you still have to have your bath. The first sign is the feeling of relaxation after the discharge while the second sign is a feeling of arousal.

This feeling or activity is experienced by women too, the same feeling a man gets during ejaculation is related to the secretion from their groins but this feeling of relaxation or temptation comes without sexual pleasure, then it’s not discharge.

You must understand that whether or not you both are partners and you think it is right or holy for you to have sex, the Janaba Bath must be performed after sexual intercourse. It is important you learn how to perform the Jnaba bath if you are sexually active.

How to perform Janaba Bath?

For those asking how to perform a Janaba bath, there are 2 ways to do that;

1. Thorough washing of the body

You are still asking how to perform the Janaba Bth? A person should pour water over their whole body. Do not forget to reach the roots of the hair, the space between fingers. It should start from the head to the lower parts of the body. Wash everything carefully and thoroughly.

2. Wash your private part

After that, you will need to make the ritual of ablution (Wudhoo) which is usually done before prayers. Pour water on your head three times. It should get to the roots of your hair. When it`s done, pour the water over your whole body. The idea is for water to reach every part of your body.

You must also know that there are other types of Janaba Bath called “Ghusl” you can also perform them to wash away impurities from your body if you do not not know how to perform the ritual. There are different GhusI.

Ghusl Tartibi

You are expected to was the semen and blood from your body, you have to wash your body in 3 stages., You need to clean your head down to the neck, then clean the right side of the body to the feet and then left the side of the body, and last pay attention to your head and hair, water should get to every part of your body.

Ghusl Irtimasi

You are expected in this ritual to wash your whole body. You can perform this type of bathing in a body of water. It can be whatever you like: bath, river, ocean, sea and even pool. Clean yourself from semen and blood then immerse your whole body in the water.

There are also other recommendations on Ghusl which you can perform to clean your body.

There are five actions which you can do during Janaba Bath. Follow these 5 steps if you do not know how to perform the Janaba

There are five actions which you can do during Janaba Bath.

  1. First of all, wash and clean your hands and elbows three times.
  2. Gargle three times.
  3. Wipe the hands and the whole body to ensure the cleanliness.
  4. Wash your hair from the roots to the ends.
  5. For men, it`s also recommended to do “istibra”. In this context, it means “urinating.” When you urinate, your whole body also becomes clean from the inside. With urine, you can clean the rests of the semen and blood from the inside. Do not forget that the rule of “istibra” can be applied only to men.

As Muslims, there are things which are so sacred that you can’t perform them without cleansing yourself.

Actions require Muslims to be completely cleansed.

  1. Touching of the writing of Quran. It`s the most sacred book for Muslims, that`s why a person who is impure cannot touch it.
  2. Reciting the verses of the Quran. People who did not perform or don’t know how to perform Janaba are not allowed to recite the verses of the Quran.
  3. It`s strictly forbidden! Staying or even entering the mosque. It`s the most sacred building for every Muslim.
  4. That’s why people who are impure can’t be allowed to visit mosques unless they perform Janaba Bath.

Taking or leaving something in the mosque. It`s not recommended to even touch the cover of Quran if you are impure.

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