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How to Enjoy Cooking (10 Easy steps)

Do you love cooking? A lot of people know how to cook but want to improve while others do not know how to cook and are willing to learn; this post is here to guide on the steps to follow in order to really be a great chef. cooking is really fun.

1. Improve yourself

Keep reading and watch videos of food, asl questions and all. Constantly increasing your knowledge of cooking is important because you already know the basics of cooking and you are interested in improving your skills. Search for recipes on the web and in cookery books, read them through even if it is a recipe for a meal, you think you have perfected. With Nigerian food recipes, and any other world recipe, there are often many ways to cook a meal and achieve the same results.

2. Timing

This is one of the top tips of how to become a better cook because you may know all the ingredients you need, spend a lot of money on premium ingredients but get the timing wrong and all the money and time spent goes to nothing. Knowing the right time to add certain ingredients goes a long way to making your food taste better.

3. Preparation

Some things are supposed to be kept in place before cooking.  you can take your time and cut up every vegetable that needs to be chopped, place them in separate bowls and set aside. This is so that once it is time to add these, it will be a matter of putting them into the pot rather than hurriedly washing and cutting them up just before you add them.

4. Attention to detail

Watch out for how your cooking can benefit from low, medium or high heat. Sometimes, you need high heat to get that white rice to dry quicker as medium heat will cause it to become soggy.

5. Have the basic Equipment

Something as basic as a chopping board is essential in the kitchen. It will help you cut the carrots or green bell pepper better as opposed to doing these without. It may be worth investing in that expensive blender because it gives you the best tomato puree etc.

6. Plan before cooking

It is a good idea to plan what you want to cook well ahead of time. This is so that you can be sure to buy all the necessary ingredients for preparing the recipe.

7. Know when to cook.

Avoid cooking when you will be distracted. Do not plan to cook when your favourite TV programme is on air or on a day you brought some work home. The less you are distracted from your cooking, the better attention you will pay to the preparation of the meal. This way, there will be no burnt/overcooked meals later!

8. Set out quality time to cook

Cooking requires time and patience, people who love cooking spend quality time in the kitchen. With practice, you can estimate the time it will take to cook, say, a pot of fried rice. before it is meal time. This way, you will not need to rush through your cooking. Also, if you invited friends over for a meal, you do not want to be dashing to and from the kitchen when you should be talking with your visitors.

9. Be creative while cooking

Try different ingredients while cooking, explore different methods. Do not stick to a particular style. You can start by using your favourite vegetables, then eliminate and substitute later if you feel that some of them do not fit in the mix due to their taste or texture. Soon, you will be wowing your friends and family with a recipe that started as a concoction! Remember, it is your kitchen so play with the ingredients as much as you want.

10. Always find something to cook

For you to be perfect you must continue to cook.  The more often you cook, the more you learn new and better ways of the art of cooking. The frequency of cooking also boosts your confidence in the kitchen

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