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How to Encrypt Your Files to Protect Your Laptop From Hackers

It is very important you know how to encrypt your files to protect your information. People are so attached to their gadgets and losing your laptop, especially when it is stolen, can be really frustrating. You live with different thoughts; how do I get a new one? What happens to the data on my laptop?

It’s even more scary when the system has no password which is an easy means of accessing your information. Though having a password doesn’t prevent hackers or criminals from accessing it, it buys you more time to find a way around it and not in the long run.

If a culprit takes out the Gar drive in your laptop and inserts it in another, he can automatically take out the information he needs, especially details in your hard drive and he or she can go as far as getting access to your password, emails and other information that are private, saved in the hard drive so it is very necessary that you know how to encrypt your files..


There is actually something you can do to protect your data, do not panic. Your information can be protected from hackers when you encrypt your files. Encryption helps you to rearrange your data. This simply means that once your files are encrypted no external attacker can access your data without the password or key.

Encryption is very easy to use, you don’t need to be a genius to use encryption. It can be done within minutes. It’s advisable to know this so you do not start panicking when you lose your laptop to criminals. Let’s worry about how to get the money for a new one and not whether your files are safe.


Encrypting your files is very simple to do, you just have to follow these tips and be assured that your data is safe. For a windows laptop user

* Settings
* System
* About
* Device Encryption

Access your Microsoft account for this to work effectively. It’s one of the simplest and effective ways of protecting your personal information though most laptops don’t have provision for the encryption features you can simply find other tools to work with like Bitlocker.

This is a tool used for encryption.
It is an efficient app and is available for Windows versions starting professional. These are the simple steps to follow:
* Windows Control Panel
* System and Security
* Manage BitLocker

After these, select the drive that you want to encrypt,m and turn on Bitlocker. Once this is done you will be asked to create your password and create your encryption key. Ensure that your BitLocker is properly secured and not directly in your computer.

There is also another means of doing this, start by downloading a free program known as VeraCrypt. VeraCrypt can’t encrypt your hard drive, and will always ask for a password whenever you boot your laptop. Though we have other simpler options, VeraCrypt is one option you should try.

If you’re using a MacBook then you can encrypt your files easily,  encryption  on a Mac is quite precise. Modern macs have been come with an encryption feature called fileVault which helps you to effectively and with no stress encrypt your files and entire drive by using the following process:
* System preferences
* Security and Privacy
* Click on the FileVault tab
* Turn it on and proceed to create your password to get started with encryption


I know you are trying to protect your files from hackers, but after encrypting your files try not to forget your pass because once you do you also lose custody of that information. Do not forget your password nor your recovery key, it is very important you remember them for your good.

Some people find it difficult to remember passwords, all you have to do is write your password in a safe place and always backup your data to avoid situations where you do not remember your password. You can as well keep it on another drive or a cloud-based service.

You have seen that there is a way out and you can actually protect your data once you encrypt your files but you also have to remember the password so you are not stranded just in bid to protect your data.

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