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How to Cut Six Pieces Skirt (6 Easy Steps)

Finding it difficult to cut a six pieces skirt? You are new to the fashion industry or you really want to explain this skill? you do not have to worry.

Most tailors especially young tailors who are still learning the skill find it difficult to cult materials, especially cutting material for six pieces style. You do not have to worry this article is written to make it easy for you. All you have to do is have the right equipment, follow the instructions and be open-minded to see the beautiful picture you will create after sewing. Tailoring is actually very beautiful.

Before cutting six pieces, you must be sure you have all this equipment because they are very important to get what you want.

  1. three-four yards of fabric;
  2. roulette/measuring tape;
  3. scissors;
  4. a piece of chalk;
  5. pencil.

How to cut and sew six pieces skirt? You don’t just sew you are also an artist; you have the imaginary abilities to produce something in your mind that if brought into reality looks really amazing. You can’t call yourself a professional tailor without having a pattern. You must know what you want to create and then cut it into something presentable.

Before sewing you have to take these measurements, so you know what you will be cutting. It a step-by-step instruction to follow. In cutting you have to also follow the pattern of the dress you want to sew.

  1. waist;
  2. thighs;
  3. the distance from waist to knee (half of the length);
  4. and from waist to ankles (absolute length.

How to calculate the division of elements for a six pieces skirt

  1. The next step for how to cut six pieces skirt is dividing the fabric into pieces. Here, everything is quite simple. The biggest thing to keep your eye on is the measurements. We use only circular values. The length is not needed yet.
  2. Divide the large 144 circle by 6 and get 24.
  3. Do the same with waist 37/6 and get 6.1.
  4. And with hips 44/6 = 7.3.
  5. Now, remember what was said about the importance of the largest part. From large pieces, we need to create smaller elements. It’s 24.
  6. Remember that the largest circle depends on how much fabric you plan to use. You may have more or less than 144 inches, but the measurements need to be done in the same order.

What to do before cutting the 6 pieces

  1. For the front, we need 3 pieces of 24 inches. For the back, everything is the same except that the middle piece will be divided to add a zip. First, cut out one panel. You will need 5 more of the same size. Take the full length 45 and width 24.
  2. Measure the distance between waist and hips, make a mark with your chalk.
  3. It is necessary to mark the hips and waist in the horizontal direction, taking into account the stock for the seam. You will need about 1.5 inches. The hips in our example are 7.3. It is more convenient to round this figure to 7.5. Now we add 7.5 and 1.5. In the end, for the thighs, you will need 9 inches.
  4. The waist will be 6.1 and the seam will be 7.5 inches.
  5. Also, note the distance from the waist to the knee. It is 18 inches. On this line, you need to find the middle. So, you will get 9. Select this measurement in the centre of the large segment of 24 inches. This should be done at the waist and knee. Then these points are to be connected.
  6. After that, you need to connect the knee to the base of circle. Measure 9 inches from the level of the knees in the direction to the base.

And here it is you have caved out your six pieces for your skirt.

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