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How to Borrow Airtime from Glo, 1 easy Code

Are you searching for how to borrow airtime from Glo? this post is for you and don’t be shy about clicking and reading this, I sometimes find myself in the same position. people find themselves in this situation and all they could do is borrow airtime from their service providers.

You don’t have to be stranded when there is a way out. When you are in that position when you can’t call because of the exhaustion of your airtime, borrowing airtime should be an option, do not miss an opportunity because you think there is no way out.

Borrowed airtime allows you to borrow airtime pending the time you were able to purchase a recharge card, when you borrow be sure to pay back, your service providers will deduct the airtime you borrowed from your next recharge.  And this idea of borrowing is not for everyone, you know some people buy Sims for different reasons, if you are not actively using a Sim card or line you won’t be eligible to borrow airtime from Glo, so you really have to be an active user.

People are sometimes selfish they buy a new Sim just to borrow airtime and not pay back in order to avoid such scenarios you must always use that particular and frequently recharge your phone for you to be allowed to borrow airtime from your service provider.

A bit of history before you borrow airtime.

You should know this about your service provider. Glo Mobile, a subsidiary of Globacom, is Nigeria’s second-largest Mobile Network Operator. In the first year of operation, it had one million subscribers in over 87 towns in Nigeria and over 120 billion Naira in revenues.[Glo Mobile has now spread to other African countries, namely Benin and Ghana.

Glo Mobile’s subscriber base in Nigeria stood at over 45 million by December 2018.  As of November 2020, the subscription level has hit 54 million. and on a daily basis, people are subscribing to the Glo network to enjoy their services.

Globacom is also the sole sponsor of African Voices on CNN. The program’s objective is to project game-changers on the African continent and also promote the Globacom brand globally on CNN’s platforms glo has contributed in the economy of Nigeria, and has helped to generate employment opportunities for people.

In 2005, Glo Mobile introduced the Glo Fleet Manager which is a Vehicle Tracking Solution. Glo Fleet Manager helps transporters/fleet operators manage their fleet. They also introduced the Glo Mobile internet service which provides subscribers with access to internet sites that have been customized for mobile phone browsing, all these additions to the Glo network made people want to always use their services. Glo is a popular network in Nigeria.

How to Borrow Airtime on Glo.

You cannot borrow airtime from Glo if you are not a user for about 4 months so the idea of buying a Sim just to borrow airtime should be far from you. You must also understand that borrowing this airtime comes with limitations, the amount of airtime you recharge on your line will determine how much you can borrow, Glo takes a tab of this. You can’t be recharging 200 monthly and expect to borrow thousand-naira airtime from Glo, it won’t work.  You have to be a regular buyer.

You can borrow up to the highest amount you have recharged since you activated your line/sim/number.

Dial *321*amount#. For example, to borrow N500 from Glo, dial *321*500#. You will be credited with 450

Use these shortcodes:

  1. *321*50# for N50,
  2. *321*100# for N100,
  3. *321*200# for N200,
  4. *321*500# for N500
  5. *321*1000# for N1000

now, you know the code, ensure to pay back by recharging your line afterwards if you do not want to be disturbed by your service provider.

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