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How to be Financially Smart, 3 Tips

How to be financially smart is one question that has been tackled by lots of experts yet a lot of people keep missing the point. Finding your way around some really amazing, brilliant and most effective financial tips can be life changing and it could be a tweak for you financially. Being able to pay bills, buy houses, beautiful trending cars, and living that luxury life you have always dreamt of can be really exciting and impactful and it keeps you bubbling and most people go as far as having a long term financial plan when they are financially stable.

You are capable of becoming a whole lot financially, you just need to know how to be financially smart having the right mindset and people and here is the very point where people make the greatest mistake, the ability to decide what advice is best to grow your business. There are a lot of ideas out there but identifying what is best for you and your business is key.

So how do you go about this and how do you get it right without falling prey to the wrong people who do not know how to be financially smart. It is very important to get a financial advisor but it is not always sweet because most of the advice does not work out as assumed.

Most often the advisors do not give you what you are expecting from them, they may be against your principles and also contradict your values and ideals. Most of this advice is very factual and blunt that most investors do not know how to handle it. Truth they say is bitter, you have to learn how to accept the truth because knowing the truth saves you from the worst in the future. It’s just a precautionary measure.

Wondering how to be financially smart?  Then this is for you. If you find most of the truth concerning a particular business venture difficult to accept regarding your finances here is some important information you should have. One who knows how to be financially smart is very is careful about how he or she discusses ideas related  to their business. 


The spending plan is very important, setting this plan determines where you see your business in the future. Budgeting is just the process of creating a spending plan, it simply entails sowing to accumulate wealth. When you create a budget it helps you check whether you are making a profit or not, helps you to keep in check your losses.

It is important that you know this, before investing in any financial institution, or business you need to have a tentative budget and you must try not to deviate from the set goal. When you know how to be financially smart you won’t go beyond the plan.

The idea of budgeting is not geared towards restricting you from exploring different business ideas, it only helps curtail you from excessive and unnecessary spending of funds. It only helps your journey, remember what happens when you fuel a car for a four hours journey but along the line you decide to try a 1hr journey elsewhere, at that moment you have disrupted the whole plan. Stick to the budget!


Certain risks can be avoided when you know how to be financially smart. You cannot just keep everything aside, family, friends, colleagues, work because you want to channel all your strength in one basket. You have to be flexible and open minded. You have other things to attend to, you have to feed and you have people to fend for and business requires funds, you must have money coming from somewhere to boast that dream of yours.

Shutting out everything and everyone won’t pay bills. It is easier to let go of a particle Hussle when you have already gotten enough funds for your venture. It won’t be reasonable to say you are risking to make money when you are actually risking being bankrupt. It is important to understand how to be financially smart it prevents you from making unnecessary and problematic decisions. 


This is basically the surest advice anyone could give in a society where people get tired and what to give up on the struggles. You have to hold really strong and quitting shouldn’t be an option. You must have heard stories of great entrepreneurs, quitting couldn’t have gotten them the accolades. Face your fears, challenges and trample upon them standing firm.

The events of our life that shook us most often come with a great shift that transforms our life, it is not always bad. Shits happen but life goes on and even much better. When it is becoming really overwhelming just slow your pace but do not quit and appreciate the steps you have taken so far. These sudden shifts can be either exciting or extremely challenging, which means you might want to revamp your entire lifestyle and readjust all over again.

Note that, before exchanging or sharing your ideas with a financial advisor, understand that things might not work out as you already planned or imaged, and be open to a better transition. Simply put, be open minded but never settle for less.

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