7 Best daring Activities in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the nicest tourist destinations in the world. One can literally travel to Dubai for any vacation, Dubai is a beautiful place and it has a lot of wonderful and exciting sites for visitors. I am going to make your journey to Dubai easy by making a list of really amazing places to visit. If you are an adventurous person and you wish to explore the city of Dubai, this is actually the best place to be.

1. Dhow Cruise

The Alexandra Dhow Cruise presents you with buffet dinner in a cruise, everyone wants to have a good meal in a really surrounding. It is exciting to know that it has a licensed bar too. There are live shows that are hosted within, including Tanoura dance which is a delight for all those experiencing it for the first time.

2. Winter sports

Dubai is popularly known for its scorching heat, finding a chilling spot its really amazing. the winter sports is that place you can actually enjoy winter during summer in Dubai. You just have to go to the Dubai Mall which is home to one of the largest ice rinks in the world. there free sessions to learn for those who cant skate and there other activities for you to explore.

3. Speed boat ride

Boating is actually very thrilling booking a boat ride should be a must when you visit Dubai. All you need to do is get into the boat and hold tight, while you dash over the waves and your heart begins to throb. You get to ride this speed boat for around 90-minute where you will get to witness the coastal highlights of Dubai and watch the Palm clap and enjoy the beautiful view of Burj Al-Arab as well as the Atlantis.

4. Atlantis Waterpark

There are many waterslide options in the waterpark that fully lives up to your imagination and captivates the loudest screams. The most terrific waterslide is the Poseidon Revenge which is basically a trapdoor slide plunging you almost into the vertical fall. The adrenaline rush that you experience before the count down knowing that the 20-meter-long drop with a speed that could trigger you to scream.

5. Exploring underwater

The Turquoise water in Dubai attracts visitors every year and just a few understands what happens or lives beneath the surface so in other to explore better they made it possible to go underwater. To do so, you need to do in for scuba diving at Amazing Sea World and beginners have diving sessions offered for themand you are not required to exhibit the PADI license. The warm coastal waters of Dubai are home to barracudas, killifish, and angelfish along with a lot of other species. You must know that spotting a turtle is possible.

6. Exploring deserts

The sandboarding is seen as a leisure ride but 4×4 dune bashing is a real adventure with the rollercoaster driving up and down the steep dunes. The adventurous ride of rushing down another dune will have already started with the only difference that this time it will be on a sandboard and you can actually decide to take some rest in the desert camp and enjoy the typical Arabian dishes as well as puffing shisha by the fire.

7. Booking a private yacht

Your visit to Dubai is incomplete if you do not cruise the blue waters. A private yacht is a more adventurous and memorable. On a private yacht, you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones and enjoy having champagne on a deck as you explore the major attractions in Dubai.

These are the 7 best adventure activities in Dubai. Plan your trip in a way that you have sufficient time to participate in all that we have mentioned above.

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