10 Original Locations of Fast Food Chains 

Are you someone who has a passion for food and enjoys exploring different types of cuisine? If so, you likely understand the constant obsession with food that many foodies experience. These enthusiasts will sample everything from classic dishes to contemporary molecular gastronomy creations, and will even indulge in fast food, despite warnings from nutritionists about the potential negative health impacts. Food lovers not only relish in trying different types of cuisine, but also take an interest in the origins of the food they consume. One of the most fascinating aspects of fast food is that it stands apart from other types of cuisine, making the history of the world’s top fast food chains particularly intriguing.

Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the original locations of some of the most beloved fast food chains worldwide. By exploring the roots of these popular eateries, we can gain a greater appreciation for the impact they have had on the culinary landscape and the cultural significance they hold for people around the globe.

1. KFC at 688 Highway 25, West, North Corbin, Kentucky

Harland Sanders initially began serving fried chicken that he cooked himself in his kitchen at a modest gas station located in Corbin in 1930. This soon attracted visitors from distant places and propelled his popularity. During the following nine years, he refined his unique recipe by utilizing a blend of eleven spices and herbs. He recognized the possibility of restaurant franchising and in 1952, the first franchise was launched by Pete Harman in Salt Lake City, Utah, who promoted and adopted the name Kentucky’s Fried Chicken.

2. McDonalds at 1398, North E Street, San Bernardino, California

The original site of a popular fast food chain, which was originally known as the Airdrome food stand, was relocated from Monrovia to its present location by the owners’ sons, Maurice and Richard McDonald, in 1940. It was then renamed as McDonald’s Bar-B-Q and operated as a carhop drive-in until 1948. At that point, the focus shifted to burgers and fries and the business became known simply as “McDonald’s”. Although this location is no longer used as a functioning McDonald’s restaurant, it serves as their corporate headquarters and an unofficial museum.

3. Dunkin’s Donuts at 543 Southern Artery, Quincy, Massachusetts

The original location of a now-iconic fast food chain, Dunkin’, was a modest shop that sold plain donuts on the Southern Artery in Quincy. The first store was established in 1948 and was known as Open Kettle. After a year, the name was changed to Kettle Donuts, and eventually, in 1950, it was renamed Dunkin’ Donuts, which became a beloved donut destination across the United States. Although the building has undergone various renovations over time, the original appearance has been carefully preserved to maintain the authentic atmosphere and essence of the place.

4. Waffle House at 2719 East College Avenue, Decatur, Georgia

The very first Waffle House was founded by Tom Forkner and Joe Rogers Sr. in 1955, and they continue to be involved in the company’s management today. The original location has been converted into a Waffle House Museum, and the interior decorations have remained untouched. People who are enthusiastic about the history of their beloved fast food chains visit this spot to explore the past and are even permitted to create their own waffles.

5. Pizza Hut at 503 South Bluff St., Wichita, Kansas

The original location of the popular pizza chain, Pizza Hut, was established in Wichita, Kansas in 1958 by brothers Dan and Frank Carney. They intended to include the word “pizza” in the name of their new eatery, but due to the building’s small size and hut-like appearance, they opted for “Hut” instead. In 1986, the original Pizza Hut location was relocated to the Wichita State University campus and has since served as a meeting venue for the International Business Student Association.

6. Burger King at 7146, Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida

The original location of a popular fast food chain was founded in 1953 by Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns as Insta-Burger. They used Insta-Broilers that could cook up to 400 burgers in an hour, which helped the business grow and led to numerous franchises. Eventually, the owners sold the company to James McLamore and David R. Edgerton, who changed its name to Burger King. Nowadays, the original location has been converted into a food establishment named Stan’s Sandwich.

7. Domino’s Pizza at 953, Washtenew Road, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Tom and James Monoghan bought a small pizzeria named Dominick’s near the Eastern Michigan University in 1960. After a few months, James decided to leave the business, and Tom continued running it on his own. In 1965, the establishment was renamed Domino’s Pizza, Inc. Over time, the chain expanded and became one of the world’s most beloved pizza places. However, the original location is no longer operational, and the College Inn has relocated to Cross Street.

8. Taco Bell at 7112, Firestone Blvd., Downey, California

IGlen Bell’s venture began in 1946 with a hot dog stand in San Bernardino. He sold it six years later and switched to selling tacos. After running and selling Taco-Tia and El Taco, he established the first Taco Bell in 1962. The original building where the first Taco Bell was established now hosts a separate Mexican takeout place. Nevertheless, a Taco Bell is currently situated across the street, giving customers the chance to experience both the Fourth Meal and food history simultaneously.

9. Starbucks at 2000, Western Ave, Seattle, Washington

In 1971, the initial Starbucks store solely offered coffee beans and equipment. However, the building was scheduled for demolition by 1976, necessitating a relocation. In 1977, they launched a new café called 1st and Pike, which was situated at the entrance of the historic Pike Place Market. From that point on, Starbucks’ success has only continued to grow, making it the most popular spot globally for obtaining a cup of coffee.

10. Chipotle Mexican Grill at 1644, Evans Ave, Denver, Colorado

Chipotle is piloting new technologies in its restaurants to deliver precise forecasting, optimal quality, and increased convenience for digital guests.

In 1993, the very first establishment to offer the now-famous burritos was launched near the University of Denver. Its founder, Steve Ells, and his father recognized that in order to make the business profitable, they would have to sell 107 burritos per day. However, within just one month, the store was selling over ten times the anticipated amount. The original location is still operational today, and customers can still enjoy a delicious Chipotle burrito there.


The topic is the original locations of fast food chains, and it’s intriguing to learn about the first locations of some of the world’s most famous fast-food chains. In the future, it is likely that these businesses will expand even further, introducing new and improved food options to their menus. However, it’s important to note that many fast-food enthusiasts hope that the original locations will maintain the same spirit and historical significance that made them popular in the first place.

It’s fascinating to consider the potential for growth and innovation within these fast-food chains, as they continue to evolve and adapt to changing consumer preferences. While it’s exciting to see new menu items and marketing strategies, it’s also important to preserve the unique character of these original locations, which serve as a reminder of the history and cultural significance of fast food.

As fast-food chains continue to expand and explore new markets, it will be interesting to see how they balance innovation with tradition, and whether they can maintain the same level of quality and customer satisfaction that made them popular in the first place. Ultimately, it will be up to the consumers to decide whether they prefer the familiar comfort of the original locations or the excitement and novelty of new menu offerings and store designs.

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