10 Countries with the highest number of scammers

It is important you know these scammers and their countries. Scamming is global problem. E commerce which is one of the methods used in scamming as so so much money is changing hands over the internet. Here are top 10 countries with he highest rate of scamming.

1. Nigeria

It is a global knowledge that Nigerians are very good at scamming, maybe as a result of poverty and unemployment most people in Nigeria have chosen to scam others to survive. It could be through email or Facebook messages where they compose a fake story about large amounts of money in the central bank or a large amount of inheritance that is difficult for them to access because of their government restrictions or taxes in their country and in the process they ask for your bank details so as to transfer the money to you and in the process they will use your information to steal your funds, you have to be careful in dealing with strangers on the internet to avoid been scammed.

2. India

You can,t be travelling to India for the first time and not get scammed, by either a driver, a passerby, trader and etc. Not knowing your way is a simple signal to be scammed by Indians as they already sense you to be a stranger in their own country. Importing Gemstones Duty-Free is another scam especially in the Jaipur area.

The scam involves tourists being approached by a gem dealer, who convinces them to buy some worthless gemstones. You will be asked to import them under their duty-free allowance, then sell them on to one of his fictitious willing partners in their home country which will be much more money than they originally paid.

3. China

China is very good at scammer like they enjoy duplication and manufacturing things with less value, just to scam naive people, not to say they are not one the technologically enhanced countries but they derive pleasure in extorting from strangers. Chinese have initiated technology to scamming unsuspecting masses. College Entrance Scam is one method they scam parents by convincing them that the child can get to college with poor results.

“I Am Your Husband’s Mistress” Scam is another method where they text husbands’ wives with a link to see images of herself (mistress) with her husband, to which wives quickly enter the link and her phone gets infected with a Trojan virus and they retrieve passwords and images which they use to blackmail the family. Beijing’s Hospital Scalpers is a decade common problem where people earn money by enticing people to obtain medical care at a certain hospital.

4. Brazil

Brazil is the home of scammers. It is ridiculous and sad to know that in Brazil most scammers, scam people by posing as beautiful ladies. Pick-pocketing is on the increase and it was more pronounced in the 2016 Olympics game. There are also cases of kidnappings that happen around foreign currency exchange banks.

5. Pakistan

It is sad to note that the military people who are supposed to protect the people from scammers are the actual scammers, so corrupt and selfish. Military scams have become so common that many crime-fighting organizations are sending an alert. Scammers use high-ranking officials and pose as military members on online dating sites and social networks, and engage in relationships to get pictures of people for manipulative purposes.

At the moment scammers pose as a soldier, currently deployed in Pakistan and they will find a way to get you to send money to them. Criminals are also installing a virus on your computer where they steal everything just to blackmail you. you must note that Pakistan has the world’s most corrupt police force.

6. Indonesia

Indonesia is another country with a high number of scammers and these scammers are tech savvy they con people without them knowing. Fraud cases have increased since the year 2000; bank customers have been victimized by syndicates with the use of data-capturing devices illegally installed in bank machines.

7. Venezuela

Ever since they faced economic recession, there has been an increased rate of scamming from online dating to fake government bonds and the street value of greenbacks has soared to 7x the government’s rate of VEF6.3 to the dollar. In 2016 alone the consumer prices rose to 800% and the economy had contracted by 18.6%. This resulted to massive unemployment and also in local stores there were empty shelves. These factors coupled with others led to massive scamming schemes.

8. South Africa

There are scammers everywhere in the world but as of 2015 South Africans were the most affected by banking-related fraud. Due to the significant increase in criminal and fraudulent activity with customers’ bank accounts it is advised that people are more careful with disclosing their bank details. At Gauteng province cases of phishing, visiting spoofed banking websites, or receiving false message notifications of bank withdrawals or deposits were reported.

9. Philippines

The Philippines are known for their romance scam t and show of familiarity just so you are been extorted, a stranger works up claiming that he knows you and takes you to a spot where all you have got cant to be freely taken away from you. Try not to exchange pleasantries with someone who is pretending to know you.

Horse Trading is another way they robe you. You negotiate a price with the driver and during the ride, they change shift, and you are charged more than you bargained.

10. Romania

Romania got into recession after the fall of communism. Romania has a very bad reputation over internet due to the activities that are been carried out, the act of scamming others. Scammers have been able to dupe people through online dating, phishing and also sale of non-existence products.

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