10 Best Natural Hot Springs in The World

The term “hot spring” is a straightforward description of what it actually is – a body of water that is naturally heated by the earth’s geothermal activity. Nature has a way of regulating temperature and other environmental factors, and in the case of hot springs, this results in water being heated to high temperatures. Essentially, underground water is heated by the earth’s mantle and then rises to the surface, forming a hot spring. These hot springs are a popular attraction for people all around the world, as they offer a unique and relaxing experience. In this article, we will delve into the 10 best natural hot springs in the world, each with its own distinct characteristics and charm.

1. Pamukkale, Turkey

The term “Pamukkale” translates to “cotton castle” in the Turkish language, and the region located in Denizli Province of Turkey is indeed a sight to behold. Hot springs and travertines are a rare occurrence, and Pamukkale is home to 17 terraces that contain mineral-rich water, creating individual infinity pools. This particular location has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is considered to be one of the most unique natural hot springs in the world. The contrast of the blue water against the white rocks gives the appearance of icy cold water, despite the actual warmth of the pools.

2. Frying Pan Lake, New Zealand

The Frying Pan Lake, also known as the Waimangu Cauldron, is situated in the Echo Crater within the Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley of New Zealand. This location is home to the largest natural hot spring in the world, measuring up to 200 meters in width. The water within this spring is naturally acidic and remains at a temperature of around 50-60 °C. Despite its high temperatures, visitors can easily access the Frying Pan Lake via the wheelchair-friendly walking path that runs through the Waimangu area.

Natural hot springs are a fascinating phenomenon that occur around the world, each with its unique properties and characteristics. The Waimangu Cauldron, or Frying Pan Lake, is a prime example of the diversity of hot springs found across the globe. This particular hot spring stands out as the largest of its kind, providing a breathtaking view of its expansive size. Additionally, the acidic nature of the water adds to the allure of this location, creating a striking contrast against the surrounding landscape. The Waimangu Cauldron is a popular destination among tourists and locals alike, thanks to its wheelchair-accessible path, making it easily accessible to all.

3. Dominica’s Boiling Lake

The Boiling Lake in Dominica, located within the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea, is one of the best natural hot springs in the world. As the second-largest of its kind, this location is a must-visit for those seeking to experience the unique beauty of natural hot springs. The Boiling Lake is situated within the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The greyish-blue water of the Boiling Lake is enclosed by towering cliffs, creating an awe-inspiring sight. The water in the lake remains in a constant state of rolling-boil, resulting in a cloud of vapor that envelops the entire area. The bubbling water creates a mesmerizing sound that adds to the overall experience of visiting this natural wonder. It is truly a remarkable sight that is unlike anything else in the world.

Natural hot springs come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, each with its unique features that make them special. The Boiling Lake in Dominica is no exception, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves visitors in awe of its natural beauty. The perpetual boiling state of the lake creates a sense of wonder, making it an unforgettable destination for anyone looking to explore the world’s best natural hot springs.

4. Grand Prismatic Spring

The Grand Prismatic Spring, located within the Yellowstone National Park of Wyoming, U.S., is widely considered to be one of the best natural hot springs in the world. This location is just one of the many thousands of hot springs found in the Yellowstone National Park, which was formed on a hotspot and is home to a diverse range of geothermal features.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is particularly notable for its mineral-rich water and stunningly vivid colors. The lake’s unique coloration is a result of bacteria around the edges of the water, which vary in their production of chlorophyll, carotenoid, and temperature. This results in a rainbow-like dispersion of colors, ranging from green to red, that can be seen throughout the lake.

Visitors to the Grand Prismatic Spring are often left speechless by its beauty, as it truly is a sight to behold. The vibrant colors of the lake are particularly striking against the natural backdrop of the surrounding forest, creating a stunning visual contrast. The Grand Prismatic Spring is a true natural wonder, and its unique coloration and mineral-rich water make it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the best natural hot springs in the world.

5. Brahmakund Hot Springs, India

Considered to be one of the best natural hot springs in the world, the Brahmakund hot springs are located in Rajgir, a city situated in the state of Bihar, India. These hot springs are born from the Saptparni Cave and the water that flows from the seven different streams or Saptadhara are known for their rich mineral content and curative properties.

The Rajgir Hot Springs are not only renowned for their healing properties but also hold significant religious value for the Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains. The springs have separate bathing areas for men and women to preserve their modesty and provide privacy during bathing.

The hot springs are a popular destination for visitors seeking to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul. The surrounding natural beauty of the area makes it a tranquil and serene location to unwind and relax. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing and therapeutic bath in the mineral-rich water, which is believed to cure various ailments.

The Brahmakund hot springs are a true natural wonder and a must-visit destination for those looking to explore the best natural hot springs in the world. The combination of the healing properties, religious significance, and natural beauty of the area makes it a truly unique and unforgettable experience for visitors.

6. Takaragawa Onsen, Japan

The Takaragawa Onsen, situated in Japan, is regarded as one of the best natural hot springs in the world. The hot pool is nestled amidst the picturesque Japanese mountains and boasts a breathtaking riverside setting, making it a serene and tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Takaragawa Onsen’s healing properties are believed to be effective in the treatment of a variety of ailments such as nervous disorders, bad circulation, sore muscles and joints, skin irritation, and more. Visitors flock to the hot spring to experience the therapeutic benefits of the mineral-rich waters, which are believed to have remarkable healing powers.

The popularity of the Takaragawa Onsen can be attributed to several factors, including its idyllic location, healing properties, and the traditional Japanese culture that surrounds the hot spring experience. The hot spring is also known for its unique outdoor setting, which allows visitors to soak in the natural surroundings while enjoying a rejuvenating bath.

In addition to the hot spring’s health benefits, the Takaragawa Onsen also offers a relaxing and peaceful environment to visitors. The soothing sound of the nearby river, the fresh mountain air, and the stunning natural beauty of the area make it a perfect retreat for those seeking a moment of peace and tranquility.

Overall, the Takaragawa Onsen is a true natural wonder and a must-visit destination for those looking to explore the best natural hot springs in the world. Its healing properties, stunning location, and peaceful ambiance make it a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors.

7. Minerva Terrace, U.S.

To say that the Minerva Terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park of the United States is a breathtaking natural hot spring is an understatement. The hot spring’s unique beauty is formed by the mineral-rich waters which are trapped within travertine ridges. These ridges of limestone create a remarkable effect, covering the walkways surrounding the springs, forming an elevated and flexible boardwalk, and providing visitors with an amazing view of the terraces. As a result, it is one of the most stunning natural hot springs in the world. The mineral content of the water also adds to its appeal, making it a popular destination for tourists looking for a relaxing and healing soak.

8. Blood Pond Hot Spring, Japan

One of the most remarkable natural hot springs in the world is the Blood Pond Hot Spring, which can be found in Japan. This unique hot spring is aptly named because of the striking red color of its water, which is due to the high concentration of iron in it. The steam emanating from the hot water further adds to its mystique. It is located in Beppu, which is home to nine breathtaking natural hot water springs or jigokus. Among these, the Blood Pond Hell is considered the most beautiful.

Visitors to the Blood Pond Hot Spring are treated to an otherworldly experience as they gaze upon the vibrant red water and steam that rises from it. The high iron content in the water is believed to have healing properties and is thought to be good for the skin. Beppu, where the hot spring is located, is a popular tourist destination, known for its relaxing hot springs, as well as its traditional culture and architecture. Those who visit the Blood Pond Hot Spring will be treated to a one-of-a-kind experience that will be hard to forget.

9. Cascate del Mulino, Italy

The Cascate del Mulino, situated near the town of Saturnia in the Italian region of Tuscany, is a magnificent set of waterfalls. These waterfalls are not just any ordinary waterfalls, as they cascade down naturally formed rock wells that are filled with mineral-rich water of 37°C temperature. This water emerges from a natural source, and it is full of sulphur and other minerals that are believed to have healing properties. This beautiful natural spa is located close to the famous Terme di Saturnia spa complex, but it is more secluded and offers a more intimate and serene experience. Visitors can bask in the soothing warm waters of the cascading falls, enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding area while rejuvenating their body and mind.

10. Deception Island Hot Springs

The Deception Island, located near Antarctica, is known for being a secure haven in the otherwise harsh and unpredictable conditions of the region. It is a unique geological formation, being a caldera of an active volcano, and is home to several fascinating natural hot springs. These hot springs are widely regarded as some of the most captivating natural hot springs in the world. The water temperature of these springs varies, with some being incredibly cold while others can reach temperatures as high as 70 °C. Visitors to the island can witness the striking contrast between the icy exterior of the island and the warmth of the hot springs, making for a truly unforgettable experience.


The best natural hot springs around the world not only provide a unique and stunning visual experience but also offer a plethora of health benefits due to their mineral-rich waters. These springs can be found in various settings, with some emitting steam from their surface while others are surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Many of these hot springs offer water with moderate temperatures, making them ideal for visitors seeking to unwind and rejuvenate in the midst of nature. Bathing in these mineral-rich waters is believed to help with issues such as sore muscles, joint pain, skin irritation, and improve circulation. It’s no wonder that these hot springs have become popular destinations for tourists seeking a natural spa experience. Therefore, if you’re planning your next vacation, make sure to consult this list for an unforgettable and unique adventure.

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