10 Amazing Trails of the World

Most fascinating trails in the world! Have you ever considered planning a hiking getaway along the expansive coastlines of the world? If not, now is the perfect time to pack your bags and venture into the world of beach treks. Typically, when we think of hiking, our minds conjure images of serene mountain villages. However, try envisioning a vast stretch of blue water, with intermittent views of green trees and golden sands along your walking trail. Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, allowing the gentle breeze to accompany you throughout the journey. Here is a compilation of the top 10 coastal trails that every adventurer should consider exploring at least once in their lifetime.

1. Fjord Coastal Walks, Norway

A fjord is a narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs formed by glacial erosion. Norway, an Arctic country, boasts expansive coastlines with adventurous trails along its fjords. Embark on a hike to the dramatic cliffs that line the fjords, offering breathtaking views as you stand on the edge and gaze down to the sea. The stunning beauty of the landscape is truly astonishing. Visit Store Batalden in Flora, where the only inhabitant of the sea cliff resides, and discover the secrets of the fjords from her.

2. California Coastal Trails, U.S.A

The extensive and stretched coastline of California, spanning from Oregon in the north to Mexico in the south, is meticulously preserved and features numerous well-kept hiking trails. Along these trails, the Pacific Ocean accompanies vibrant blooming flowers, enchanting rainforests, and serene lagoons. If fatigue sets in during your walk, consider embracing a Sequoia Sempervire tree, the tallest trees on Earth, which has a remarkable ability to instantly alleviate tiredness. Along this route, you might also have the chance to observe the ceremonial Yurok Bush Dance, famously known as the ‘Healing Dance.’

3. Sydney, Australia

Sydney’s extensive coastline provides a variety of activities and experiences. If you’re interested in learning the fundamentals of bushwalking or observing migrating humpback whales, a stroll through the Royal National Park is a must. For those who enjoy watching white yachts gracefully sail against a Prussian blue backdrop, consider hiking from Chinamans Beach to Balmoral Beach. If exploring underground tunnels along the coast appeals to you, take a leisurely walk along the stunning Pacific shore in the Sydney Harbour National Park.

4. The Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

This hiking trail is a dream for any trekker. The route offers breathtaking panoramic views and presents challenges with each step. Successful completion of the trek demands both physical fitness and mental alertness. The entire trail is carved into a rugged cliff, surrounded by a lush green forest. Undertaking this journey requires considerable strength and stamina, but the captivating scenery that unfolds before the adventurer is sure to ignite a great deal of passion.

5. Kosi Bay Hiking Trail, South Africa

Nestled in a secluded area of South Africa, this trail provides a close connection with nature. The bay is shaped by a system of four interconnected lakes and an estuary that leads to the Indian Ocean. The coastal hike offers a captivating and rewarding experience. Traverse expansive sand dunes on foot, spend a night in a bush camp, and if you’re fortunate, you might even witness a mother turtle coming ashore to lay her eggs!

6. Anglesey Coastal Path, United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a thriving culture of coastal trekking, with the Anglesay Coastal Path being a notable example. This path partially encircles Caernarfon Bay, an islet in the Irish Sea, covering a distance of 200 kilometers, with occasional inland sections. One of these inland routes takes you to the historical sentinel associated with Prince William and Kate. The landscape varies, showcasing a royal blue horizon and a parallel grassy meadow.

7. Gokarna Beach Trek, India

Embark on a beach trek that unveils hidden gems in India. Gokarna, a pilgrimage town along the Arabian Sea, boasts pristine and lesser-explored beaches. The distances between these beaches are short, and the changing geography is truly captivating. The trail spans expansive stretches of sand that transition into untamed thorny plantations. Suddenly, the vegetation disappears, giving way to protruding rocky structures. What sets this trail apart is the absence of crowds. Take the opportunity to meditate on these serene beaches!

8. Lycian Way, Turkey

Turkey’s distinctive charm is unparalleled and not easily found in other countries. Its transcontinental character, the legends and realities surrounding Istanbul, the captivating history of Hagia Sophia, and Turkey’s Ottoman rule have fascinated humanity for centuries. However, this trek diverges from the well-trodden tourist paths, offering a glimpse into Mediterranean Turkey. Spanning from Fethiye to Antalya, this trail covers an impressive 540 kilometers. Revel in the experience of walking along Roman roads and mule trains, with the azure Mediterranean as your constant companion.

9. Cinque Terre Coastal Walk, Italy

Pathway track along the sea in Moterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy.

Experiencing ‘Love at first sight’ aptly captures the essence of Cinque Terre. This region is comprised of five charming fishing villages, where automobiles are prohibited. Nestled in close proximity to each other, these villages seemingly cling to the cliffs. The renowned ‘Azure Trail’ is the favored pathway, seamlessly connecting all five villages. Traverse this enchanting maze, savor a wood-fired pizza, and allow the allure of these five Italian hamlets to captivate all your senses.

10. GR34 Coastal Footpath, Brittany, France

Get ready to be amazed by the diverse beauty of Brittany along this trail. The harmonious blend of the pink Granite Coast, extensive sandy beaches, exhilarating water sports, and charming fishing villages is truly captivating. Stretching 360 miles from Morlaix to Mont-Saint-Michel, completing the entire trail in one trek takes about a month. However, if time is a constraint, you can split the trek and customize your own route. Explore the ultimate guide to Brittany for more information.